Interlude #4 – Look for the extraordinary

I was nervous. Pacing my way back and forth inside the video store while waiting for the clock to strike 11. "I have never done this," I shake my head and mutter to myself. Only the night before, I spent the night talking to a stranger until four in the morning, and now I'm waiting … Continue reading Interlude #4 – Look for the extraordinary



The opportunities that brought our paths together seem to be a random one. I first met Hanani when I was on a work trip to Nanning and she was one of the speakers at the conference we both attended. Both of us work with data and trying to find out the patterns for which both … Continue reading Hanani

Interlude #1 – But, You Don’t Have a Choice!

"Look, I was caught in the news yesterday!" I flipped open my phone, excitedly showing my two colleagues the news clipping I captured in the morning. A colleague looked over from her phone. "What were you doing there?" "Oh, I attended the Freedom of Religions Forum in PJ last Monday". I smiled broadly, proud at … Continue reading Interlude #1 – But, You Don’t Have a Choice!